OCM Alarms can design and install a wide range of Access Control Systems to suit all requirements for all developments; residential - houses, gated estates apartment complexes, and commercial premises. From basic single channel door intercom systems, to complex security requirements, OCM designs, supplies and installs all varieties of Access Control Systems, in an efficient and cost effective manner, ensuring that all current European Standards are adhered to (E.N. 50133-1 and E.N.50133-7 NSAI).


Ingress and Egress

Ingress Options

With ingress control the user has one or more mechanisms to gain access:

  • Intercom (PIN) – Code entered on keypad
  • Keypad (PIN) – Code operated
  • Keypad (Proximity) – FOB operated
  • Keypad (PIN and Proximity Combi)
  • Biometrics (Finger print reader)

Egress Options

Egress control allows people to leave with out need for card, fob etc.

  • Request to Exit (R.T.E) Switch – Press release button
  • Proximity Release Switch – Hand in close proximity to release

Intercom Controlled

Intercom – Video/Audio

OCM can design, supply and install audio and video door intercom systems to allow for the identification of a visitor to your development from the front door or gate. The intercom will allow visual or auditory monitoring of a visitor, whereby you will have two-way communication in order to determine whether you wish to allow access to the visitor

Door Lock Options

We offer a wide range of security locks for controlling access to your home or business.

Maglocks – Typically installed to internal doors

The most common locks installed are that of magnetic locks - maglocks. The keeper plate goes on the door, and the magnet is fitted on the door frame. When closed the door is locked by the keeper and plate coming together by magnetic force. Release is obtained by switching power off to the keeper plate using a release button, coded keypad, intercom etc. When the door is closed it locks.

Maglocks also come in IP rated versions for outside use. The locks can withhold 500kg of applied load.

Abloy Locks – Typically installed to external doors

Abloy’s range of electric locks offer top quality levels of functionality and durability, making them suitable for a high security environment. They can be used in any type of access control system; swipe card, fob, biometrics etc.

Abloy’s range of electric locks includes both motor locks with bolts withdrawn by motor, as well as solenoid locks with handles or free mechanisms engaged by solenoids.

OCM advise all customers on which locks are best suited to your needs to ensure maximum security is achieved.